Beautiful styled wedding shootSmock Alley Theatre, Dublin

Cork Wedding Photographer | Gorgeous Wedding in Ireland | Ireland Wedding Photographer I couldn’t wait to show you this beautiful styled wedding shoot done in Smock Alley Theatre. During last year with moving to Ireland and trying to find my place in a new surrounding everything slowed down for me, especially when it comes to my photography. After a while it felt like I need a good kick in the butt, pardon my French 🙂 And I have to tell you, there’s nothing more motivating and inspiring then spending time with creative and positive people who have the same drive, deal with similar troubles and still have that little spark of magic or madness, however you choose to call it 🙂

Photography Farm 

So, when I saw that Photography Farm is doing a workshop in Dublin I jumped at a chance to spend a day with talented photographers and all other creatives that joined and contributed to what turned out to be an amazing day!

The day started with beautiful styled wedding shoot led by Paula O’Hara in a beautiful Smock Alley Theatre. The venue itself is probably the first thing that gives you a feeling that it’s not going to be just another workshop, and seeing so many people preparing every detail for the shoot was really inspiring. We spent first half of the day photographing and getting tips from Paula on everything- from how to prepare a styled shoot, cooperating with different venues and creatives, how to use light in different ways, working with models vs working with brides and grooms, shooting an actual wedding and… the list can go on and on…

Second part of the day we spent with Lisa Devlin discussing creative process and “finding your voice” thing 🙂 The wonderful thing is, it turns out- we all have a voice 🙂 Having confidence in your work is one thing that probably every creative professional struggles with at one point or another. Some more that others. But the way I see it, if you look at it from prospective that it will push you to learn and experiment more, there’s nothing negative about it. On the contrary, it gives you a drive like nothing else…

Before I show you the photos, I wanted to shout out a big Thank You to Paula and Lisa, and everyone who worked on the shoot, it was just an amazing experience!

Wedding creatives

Photography Farm 
Styling and creative direction: Paula O’Hara Photography
Venue: Smock Alley Theatre 
Model: Juudit at Distinct Model Management
Floral designs: Ann Marie O’Leary  
Food styling: Smyth and Barry  
Make-up: Anita Conroy of Powder Room Studio
Hair: Rebecca Donnelly
Dresses: Sharon Hoey  and Myrtle Ivory

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