Trish & ColinSummer wedding at Bellinter HouseWedding photographer Ireland

Time to show you this summer wedding at Bellinter House and it is a beauty!

Trish and Colin’s wedding is one of those Irish summer weddings we all know and love. Bright summer day with a bit of rain on&off through the day. Lots of love, happy faces and fun chats. Very relaxed and chilled day with family and friends at one of the most stylish wedding venues I’ve ever seen. And all this planned and done in just few months!

I met with Trish and Colin for coffee before their big day to get them know a bit better and to hear about their wedding plans. I learned that Colin proposed in February and here they were, all set for their July wedding! Who said that you need years to plan a wedding?! 🙂

You know those memes “you should marry a guy who looks at you like Derek looks at Meredith”? Well, I have to tell you, marry a guy who talks about you the way Colin talks about Trish! The love and admiration he has for his girl is not seen often. You could clearly see that they are head over heels for each other <3

And Bellinter house was such a perfect setting for their Big day. It’s one of those wedding venues you just want to move into and never leave. Their wall galleries are to die for, every room in the house has a story of it’s own and the grounds around are gorgeous.

Enough of me talking, take a cuppa and enjoy scrolling! xx