Workshop Share the JourneyWedding photographer London

It’s very strange how quickly things change. Few years ago when I was still living in Croatia and just learning about photography I remember going through and admiring work of other wedding photographers. At that time I was just kind of daring to dream about doing something with photography. And there were two of photographers who really made an impression on me. Petar Jurica and Marko Marinkovic are such great guys and incredible wedding photographers. There’s something magical about how they capture weddings. It’s all about the story and emotions. I was always fascinated by how well they do it. You could also say that they went well beyond the boundaries of what typical wedding photography was. Which was such a revelation for me at that point.

Fast forward 3 years later, I was meeting them at a wedding photography workshop “Share the Journey” they held in London. The workshop was in Shoreditch which is now one of my favorite neighborhoods in London. It was also a perfect setting for the shoot which was part of the workshop. They gave us an insight into their personal stories and what storytelling through photos means for them. They shared their inspirations and give us tools to find own ways and artistic voice. It wasn’t about talking in general terms of how they do what they do. It was about all the details and circumstances of being successful as an artist and as a professional.

There’s one more thing I really loved about this workshop. It was meeting a group of amazing photographers from whom I learned so much as well. Plus I had my lovely friend Ivana joining me which made it all the more perfect! And you know it’s a good group when at the end of the day you all go for a pint.. or two 🙂

Thanks so much Petar & Marko for coming to London and sharing your stories with us <3

Here’s a few snaps from the day…