Francine & GregBelfast engagement sessionCathedral Quarter, Titanic Quarter

Recently I did an engagement session with Francis and Greg in Belfast, her home town. He’s an American boy from Maine, shes a Belfast child, and they fit so good together, it’s hard to describe with words. I love Belfast from the first time I’ve been there and loved this opportunity to do an engagement session there. The city has a unique character and it’s so easy to fall in love with it.

Before the shoot we decided to go to a pub and chat about the wedding a bit. This was the first time we met actually since they both live in the States now. We did the engagement session on Monday, and the wedding was on Thursday. It was all so fast but what a ride 🙂
A pint of beer in one of the most iconic pubs in Belfast, The Duke of York was a perfect choice. We also spent time chatting about the past, moving places, changing jobs and what may come in the future. After a short while I had a feeling like I was chatting with friends over a pint of beer.
They were so lovely, funny and wonderful.

Awesome Cathedral Quater

We first stuck around the Cathedral Quater for few shots. This area is probably the most significant and popular area in Belfast. It’s one of the oldest parts of Belfast but “more recently it has re-emerged as a dedicated ‘cultural quarter’ of Belfast”. Then we went to another iconic monument to the industrial past of Belfast- H&W. Those yellow cranes tell the story off their own. We were there just to enjoy the view.

Duke of York pub engagement Couple in love at a pub Couple session in a Irish pub Girl in a beautiful red dress in an embrace Red lips and red dress photo sessionFrancine and Greg Engagement (10) Couple in love doing an engagement session in Irish pub
Couple photo at Northern Ireland
Engagement session at Cathedral Quarter Belfast
Couple embracing at sunset at Cathedral Quarter Belfast Northern Ireland Beautiful couple looking in love at sunset in Belfast
Red brick building engagement session Belfast
A man and a woman on the sterrt in Belfast Engagement
Belfast Industrial site engagement session
Titanic Quarter engagement session at a beautiful sunny daz
Beautiful couple photo at Titanic Quarter Belfast
Industrial engagement session Belfast Northern Ireland
Modern couple smiling at Titanic Quarter engagement session
Modern industrial engagement session Belfast Northern IrelandModern love industrial engagement session Belfast Northern Ireland
Graffiti engagement session Belfast Ireland Couple in love at Titanic Quarter in Belfast Northern IrelandCouple in love by the river at sunset in Belfast Couple in love by the river in Belfast