WorkshopSam Hurd & Photography farmLondon, UK

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this year! And judging by the way it started it should be amazing one 🙂 After our little trip to Barcelona I was on the road again… Last week I went for a day to Ridge Farm to be part of Sam Hurd Epic Workshop. I actually didn’t know this, but Ridge Farm is a former music studio just outside of London. So Sam started the workshop by saying how amazing it is to be at a place where rock legends created their music, including The Queen or Rolling Stones. My heart stopped. As he was saying that there’s this one picture of Freddie Mercury by a window next to him I was thinking to myself- this just sounds too good to be true!

For those who don’t know, Sam Hurd is one of the most inspiring wedding photographer today. After following him on social media for a while, it was kind of like meeting a celebrity. Which is kind of funny. You can see his work here, the thing that most intrigued me about his work is that he always brings that extra bit of magic into his photos. Even though we don’t shoot in exact same style, I wanted to learn from the guy who obviously thinks outside the box and makes his own rules. And I have to say, one more thing that I loved is how humble, funny and down to earth he is!
The whole day was amazing, besides a lot of practical tips&tricks, we also got few life lesson. I’ll list just a few, so that I have them here as a reminder- these aren’t quotes but rather my interpretation of his words.
Do what you love.
Do it your way.
Work hard&smart.
Be generous.
And something along the lines of
“To achieve greatness you must achieve goodness”.
Even though all very obvious, still, makes you think.
These kind of workshops are always so inspiring. Not only because of the the mentor but also just by being in a room full of great photographers, getting to know them and seeing them work. For some reason that always gives me a push and an inspiration to be better and do more.
Anyway, that’s plenty from me for now.
P.s. Thanks Sam, you’re a rock star!

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